BA - Modern Language and Culture

  • Speaking a second language and understanding other cultures are of strategic importance in a world in which international collaboration is not only necessary for political survival, but also indispensable for economic success. The B.A. with a major in Modern Language and Culture prepares graduates who are able to communicate effectively in one or more foreign languages and have a keen understanding of how humans interact across world cultures. Graduates will be familiar with current global issues and possess the knowledge, skills, and versatility needed to succeed academically and professionally in an ever-changing society.

    The B.A. with a major in Modern Language and Culture is designed to develop students’ communication skills and understanding of other cultures and to foster respect for difference and diversity in a global society. Students choose one of five primary languages - Chinese, French, German, Italian, or Spanish - in which they develop and refine language proficiency as well as cross-cultural competence. In the course of their studies, Modern Language and Culture majors acquire and practice the communication skills and cultural competence necessary to function effectively in a global society. The curriculum prepares degree candidates for future academic programs and professional careers in which foreign language proficiency and cultural knowledge are desirable or required or both.

Term 1

Term 2

  • Requirement
    • ENGL 1102 English Composition II
    • General Education Core Curriculum Area D1
    • General Education Core Curriculum Area E3
    • General Education Core Curriculum Area E4
    • Elementary Language II
    Total: 15
Year 1 (Hours: 30)

Term 3

  • Requirement
    • ECON 1000 Contemporary Economic Issues
    • General Education Core Curriculum Area C1
    • General Education Core Curriculum Area D2
    • Intermediate Language I
    • FL 2209 or FL 2306
    Total: 15

Term 4

Year 2 (Hours: 30)

Term 5

Term 6

Year 3 (Hours: 30)

Term 7

Term 8

Year 4 (Hours: 30)

Program Total: 120 Hours

Milestones: All courses indicated as a Milestone with this icon ( ) should be completed in the term suggested to prevent delays in program completion.

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You may choose to attend a summer term to reduce your load during fall or spring terms but still stay on track to graduate in four years.